YEPAS (Yenimahalle Bread Marketing Inc. Co.) was established in Ankara in 1995 for the purpose of producing and marketing bread making ingredients such as flour, yeast, bread additives by hiring a bureau in Yenimahalle, Ankara. Having started business life by supplying ingredients and additives for bakehouses around Yenimahalle district in the direction of establishment aim, later company developed by supplying ingredients for bakehouses, located on Sincan and Etimesgut districts. Having started to research for the purpose of establishment of the biggest bakehouse in private sector in 1998, company determined the best compatible place for this factory and bought an area where is located on Sincan Organized Industry and started to built this factory. Factory construction had continued until first quarter of 2001 with machinery installations which are required for baking. Factory was built on 5800 m2 area. Machinery track was selected from 2 tunnel type oven, one of them has 7000 bread/hour and the other one has 3100 bread/hour, which was used firstly in private sector in Turkey. Addition to these machines, company has operated with a tubular type oven, 5 pieces black oven and 5 pieces rotary oven in primarily Ankara and the other nearby villages. Aim of our company is to increase customer portfolio in convenience with its referances with its structure which doesn"t compromise from quality. In this regard, our company gives services with wide range of product from 50 gr to 1250 gr (bread, bread roll, sandwich and all kinds of bakery products)with the biggest capacity, compatible, cheap and packaged products which can meet customer demands easily. Our company currently has got a shipping service which consists of 40 vehicle. We make delivery to all of the region of Ankara with these vehicles. Along with these achievements, YEPAS has delivered its products to Kütahya and has been the first company in Turkey which deliver products to another city.



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  • Ahi Evran Mah. Çatalca Sok. No:11 Sincan / ANKARA

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